Executive Staff,  Support Crew & Cat

Our support staff keeps our operation running smoothly and our planes in the air.

Jeremy "El Guapo" Reiley, Owner/CEO 

Jeremy Reiley has been passionate about aviation since birth. He grew up in Harlingen, TX surrounded by the Confederate/Commemorative Air Force (CAF), and started flying in New Braunfels, TX in the early 90s. He is passionate about sharing aviation and inspiring the next generation of young aviators. Jeremy has enjoyed teaching Boy Scout Aviation merit badge, led church retreats, and loves participating in Young Eagles flights.


He owns multiple businesses in the Rio Grande Valley, and says he’s good at anything if it has to do with airplanes, guns, or hunting. He’s been a longtime member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), EAA Warbirds of America, and the CAF, and loves flying airshows and fly-ins.


He is excited to see the growth of Texas Aviation Academy and the aviation industry through networking, and welcoming people into the aviation family. His business model strives to invest in people to help them succeed and accommodate their flying dreams come true by being fair, honest, affordable, and operating with a high level of integrity.  

Hunter "Hurricane" Reiley, Owner/CEO 

Hunter Reiley graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science in 2018. He is an Eagle Scout, 2-time National Champion Pistol Shooter, scuba diver, and has over 1600 hours in total flight time in 50+ different types of aircraft; 500+ of those hours in Warbirds. Hunter is a CAF and AOPA Member, and is a frequent Oshkosh AirVenture flyer. He has flown in airshows all over the country, and lives to fly and share aviation with the upcoming generation.

Devyn Reiley, Manager

Devyn is the Manager at Texas Aviation Academy. She schedules students, ensures the planes are ready to fly, creates and oversees TAA's website and social media pages, and cares for the facility as needed. She is an Instrument-Rated Pilot, and will be heading off soon to fly for the Air Force Reserves. She is a member of the women pilot organization, the Ninety-Nines, and enjoys encouraging girls and women to learn to fly! Her passions include flying tailwheel, caring for and preserving warbirds, writing, & singing.

Tigercat, Hangar Cat Extraordinaire 

Tigercat has spent his entire life at TAA . He is a professional napper, bird and mouse chaser, and keeps the airplanes safe at night.