Post - IFT Students

Become A FAA Licensed Pilot

Ready to complete your FAA Private Pilot certification? Texas Aviation Academy offers a structured training program designed specifically for Post-IFT student pilots! With our customized syllabus, you can save up to 75% over traditional Private Pilot programs, and get certified in 6 weeks or less*!


TAA's Private Pilot Certification affords you opportunities for professional advancement, FAA recognition, and the ability to pursue your commercial aviation future. Our successful instructors and expert maintainers are committed to your safety and aviation goals. Take your career by the yoke, and contact us today!

*Using USAF permissive TDY, weather, and maintenance delay allowances


- Logbook with IFT Training endorsements

- Proof of USA citizenship (current US Passport OR US Birth Certificate and Photo ID)

- FAA Student Pilot Certificate

- Current Medical